BI Consulting & Development

Get ready to make great use of your organization’s data!

Being pioneers of software and technology and serving 200+ customers globally, ASK ESQUARE has delivered world-class BI solutions.

Our team of BI experts assists organizations with all their BI requirements, no matter how complicated they may seem. We will define your BI strategy and architect and implement the required infrastructure to make your data comprehensive and flexible. This data is represented and accessible on visually appealing BI dashboards and reports to empower decision-making and make the enterprise future-ready.


Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is recognized as the world’s leading tool among other analytics and BI platforms by renowned research companies like Gartner, Forrester, and IDC, to name a few. Therefore, incorporating this tool into your business is just the start of the wonders waiting to happen.

The eminent features of Microsoft Power BI are;

  • It is a self-serving, cloud-hosted, and secured business analytical program that empowers analysts to build data models for self-service exploration, reporting, and creating dashboards.

  • Considering the high demand for data, this tool enables you to connect with hundreds of distinct and diverse data sources.

  • It ensures quick insights through manual means and automated engines. This, in turn, helps in building highly insightful and graphical dashboards.

  • It has built-in Natural Language Processing (NLP) for ease of access. So you can type or talk to answer your queries, resulting in the productive generation of valuable insights.

  • Its mobility allows you to manage your business on the go.

Our Microsoft Power BI Services

Unlock the potential of your data to get valuable insights, make data-driven decisions, and be future-ready with our Microsoft Power BI services.

Consulting Services

Our experienced Microsoft Power BI consultants will assist you in penetrating the market with powerful data-driven business insights. This will eventually help you to create endless possibilities for your business.

Data Modeling and Analytics

Once we help you identify the relationship between your entities and processes, there is no looking back. This data analytics helps make informed decisions to prevent falls by predicting real-time market opportunities.

Data Visualization and Reports

Easily access data, create compelling stories with a personalized dashboard, and view data visuals from any device. It enables a 360-degree view of data displayed on tailor-made dashboards.


We help your employees get a multi-dimensional and real-time view of the data. We train them to be proficient in data exploring, building dashboards, and using Power BI features like DAX, Power View, Pivot, Query, etc.

Managed Services and Support

Our team will help you identify opportunities and build a proper BI roadmap. We engage your team and provide adequate training and tools from Power BI license management, maintenance, and support from installations and configurations to integrations.

Hire Dedicated Remote Developers

Scale up your teams by hiring our Power BI specialists for quick implementation and on-time project deliveries. Whether simple or complex, large or small, we have seasonal teams for all your Microsoft solutions.

Our Two Week Jump Start Schedule

ASK ESQUARE’s Power BI Consulting team brings you an irresistible and powerful two-week jump-start schedule.

In this schedule, our team will design an initial data model using your available data to get insights like never before. That too in just 2 weeks!

Read on to know more.

  • 1 We set up a meeting with your organization to determine the requirements for a Power BI Proof of Concept (POC).
  • 2 Then, proceed to provision and configure Power BI and create a POC site.
  • 3 Our team will associate your Office 365 subscription to Power BI (if applicable).
  • 4 Post that, we create a POC data model using one or two data sources. This may include internal spreadsheets, text files, or other sources as applicable.
  • 5 It leads to the creation of a dashboard for up to five standard visualizations of the POC data model.
  • 6 This results in creating a roadmap for the next steps of your Power BI implementation.

Why Us?

Power BI is a ground-breaking solution for using your data effectively. Therefore, it is crucial that you hire experienced experts to incorporate Power BI for your business. Our team will help you engage this powerful business intelligence tool most effectively.

Thus to make smarter business decisions, enhance management practices, and have a competitive edge, let’s discuss your Power BI needs now!