The healthcare sector is growing brisk due to its strengthening coverage, services, and increasing expenditure by public and private organizations. A robust healthcare sector is the need of the hour, as it directly reflects the country’s development.

The healthcare sector has adapted to the latest technologies just like every other sector. It has undergone progressive changes for better services, from AI-integrated software for storage and management to advanced data management systems.

Therefore, to grapple with the set of newly evolved challenges in the healthcare industry, Ask E-Square Business Solutions has come up with solutions and strategies and make this transformative era comfortable.

Document Management

Document Management System (DMS) offers a centralized and user-friendly interface that facilitates the user to perform all document-related activities, including viewing, uploading, searching, editing, and deleting documents. It also helps manage permissions to perform these activities.

This solution has a customized user interface. It includes features to upload, multi-upload, co-author, version history, and edit in the browser.

It supports a custom user interface for the DMS folder hierarchy over the SharePoint OOTB (out of the box) Document library.

Digitalization of Occupational Health Center

This solution maintains the employees’ current and past health records.

Whether working in the office or the field, the organization must account for the employee’s health. They should also be assigned the work accordingly. This solution maintains all the records and history of the workers’ health, health reports, and treatment.

The solution provides trend analysis based on the employees’ routine medical check ups and OPD visits. It also sends reminders and alerts of health checkups due by determining the age, underlying health issues, and fitness records.

The solution helps in managing medicine and equipment inventory with stock management and alerts for expiry dates of medicine for its best utilisation and on-time disposal in case of expiry. It manages medical waste inventory starting from its generation, storage and disposal.

This solution enhances occupational health safety practices in organisations.