Govt and Non-Profit Sector

The government and Non-profit sectors have to be very vigilant and extra careful in their working systems. They handle transactions, processes, and services which directly affect the citizens.

The relationship between non-profit organizations and the government is very critical. Their reporting and transactions are complex. Therefore, they need transparent, precise, and seamless solutions to meet their requirements. These solutions should simplify non-profit organizations and government processes while streamlining their relationship.

We assist this sector in accomplishing its business goals while advancing society’s goals. We deliver advanced digital solutions in collaboration with world-class technologies to foster and promise better business outcomes.

Here are some of the solutions for this sector.

Learning Data Simulation

The learning data simulation solution is a participatory system dynamics platform to increase timely access to evidence-based outpatient health care.

The interface displays actual de-identified aggregate data and can model what-if scenarios to determine likely trade-offs from everyday clinic redesign decisions. It is developed on a Forio – web-based simulation platform using the Iterative Delivery Model.

The solution is 508 compliant as mandated by the federal law, which states that all electronic and information technology developed, procured, maintained, or used by the federal government should be accessible to people with disabilities.

Collaboration platform

It is an enterprise-wide central collaborative and tailor-made platform for all departments in the form of a single site that can be used for its employees and serves as a public-facing platform.

It comprises an intranet site encompassing accounting, HR, operations, service providers, vocational services, and calendar modules. It also has a time-off request workflow to manage pending leaves.

With the help of Sharepoint, Nitro, SharePoint Designer Tool, and other third-party tools, this solution is customizable and has all the exquisite features of a content management system.

HR Process Automation

It streamlines the HR processes, provides a central repository for documents, and separate subsites for the agency’s respective unit, branch, and division.

The solution includes designing and developing HR time off and interviews workflow, service desk requests, knowledgebase, registry, document management, other custom forms, and its listing pages.

Grant Process Management

This solution helps businesses find funding, manage the application process and administer grant awards in compliance. It ensures the procedures are hassle-free, efficient, and intuitive.

The solution eases out tracking expenditure and performance measures for its end-users without making them spend their valuable work time.

It is a Cloud-based web-portal solution for efficiently managing end-users grants. The solution consists of an intuitive dashboard with a responsive web design for accessing it through mobile devices.