Oil and Gas

The oil and gas sector is one of the core industries that influence the decisions of the economic sector.

The oil and gas sector is highly competitive. It has to optimize production systems and environmental utilities to increase productivity and reduce costs. For this, the oil and gas sector has to develop skills of communication, collaboration, and innovation continuously.

The need for clean, affordable, and reliable energy will always be the need of the hour. Hence, we design prominent solutions to ease the way of working in this industry. We try to meet the fast-growing demand for technologies to deliver facilities for the future.

Intranet Portal

It is a dedicated workspace for each topic, project, team, updates, knowledge base, HR, business trips, commonplace sharing, etc.

It is a secure and robust system that grants access according to the hierarchies. We have designed a user-friendly UI for connecting, sharing, collaborating, and communicating. It provides a common platform to share floor plans, international experiences, and immediate responses for employees that need them.

It is a modern and feature-packed intranet portal to make sharing and organizing information between employees a seamless process.

Industrial Operational Safety

This is a digital solution for the ‘Permit to Work’ system.

The solution saves the details required for a specific permit requisition in the form of a template after completing the work for the day. Post that, it provides the details to the requestor for generating and saving the permit for the next day, avoiding duplication efforts.

The solution has pre-approved templates that are provided digitally. These can be accessed remotely, eliminating the need for a paper-based copy.

It also includes SMS integration and floor-map features to simplify the approval process.