Startup Consulting

We understand business and hence are better equipped to help startups in their endeavors. Additionally, we have the expertise in technology which is beneficial to guide startups. Startups have different aspects to consider for expanding their ideas and generating business value.

  • Ideation: The idea needs to be structured in the right manner for it to become workable

  • Technology requirements: Proper technology requirements need to be formulated, developed, and maintained.

  • Budget: Investments in a phased manner with proper planning is necessary

  • Implementation: Once the idea, technology, and budget requirements are in place, implementation of the project to generate business is important.

ASK-ESquare will guide startup aspirants in every stage as mentioned above. We understand that startups will intend fast delivery as the marketplace is evolving rapidly. Here we aid you in understanding what best suits your business idea based on important features for your software, plan and implement it. Make your product ready for launch for developing it into a brand. Our experts team consists of business analysts, software developers, testers, UI/UX designers and cloud specialists who will guide you throughout the process. We will not only guide you, but engage in technological development, product development, designing, branding, testing, and security compliance.

ASK-ESquare understands that maintaining a proper balance of strategy a technology development is an effective methodology to adopt for startups to propel their vision to new heights. We design a complete roadmap for you and lay the foundation for your success.

Our Software Development Plan for Startups

Project Innovation and Design

We will help you in designing a solid innovative product and ensure that the development process is streamlined.

Agile Development

Our team of experts will design your website or software and provide Agile development strategy to present an error free and flawless project.

MVP Design and Development

We will guide you throughout the process of design, development, and the launch of your MVP (Minimal Viable Product) to ensure that your vision is turned into a successful project.

The Right Technology Partner for Startups

As startups will like to invest in a phased manner, our technology strategy too will be developed in phases keeping in mind the right features for your application/ software as and when necessary.

The Expert Team

Our team comprises of experienced consultants, expert developers, knowledgeable marketers and creative designers who have combine skill sets required for a high-quality project.

In Sync with the Market

As a seasoned technology, and business consultant, our endeavor is always to ensure that you get the right technology to suit the market needs based on your budget. We implement the right software features at the right time to keep your project in sync with the market conditions.


We ensure that the applications or software developed by us is user-friendly and responsive for your users.

Agile Development

We follow an Agile work methodology to ensure that projects are delivered within time. Efficiency is the key for us while we develop robust projects.

Success Stories

Working hard to earn our customers’ trust.