The manufacturing sector has emerged as the driving force of a country’s economic development. It amplifies the independent structure of the nation’s growth.

The manufacturing sector requires advanced technology, infrastructure resilience, and sustainable solutions to meet the ever-increasing requirements. From inventory management to demand forecasting, the manufacturing sector applies automation and technology everywhere.

Our plethora of distinct solutions for the manufacturing industry help it adapt to changing scenarios quickly and stay ahead in the highly competitive market.

Document Management

Document Management System (DMS) is a solution that provides a centralized, user-friendly interface for all document-related activities such as upload, view, search, edit and delete, along with managing permissions for the documents to carry out these activities.

It is an enterprise-wide solution specific to its respective branches, hierarchies, and departments.

The document management includes a dashboard including sections for discussion boards, company news, important information about document management policy and much more. We configured SharePoint Search services to quickly locate and retrieve a document with the best use of search and managed metadata.

Digital Transformation of Safety

Organizational safety requires a robust and intelligent solution to protect the employees and environment from hazards.

Our digital transformation for safety is an integrated and all-in-one solution for your organization’s EHS management. It promises operational efficiency along with enhanced safety culture. The solution offers streamlining EHS data, improving reporting efficiency, enabling trend analysis and improving compliance monitoring while identifying performance gaps and raising alarms.

The solution seamlessly blends with the current processes. It is designed to solve unique challenges by adopting organization’s hierarchy, terminologies, forms, approval workflows and simplifying safety processes.

Contractor Management

This is a 360-degree portal to ease out a system that will help organizations onboard contractors, their workforce, and equipment/tools.

It is a portal where the contractor can digitally register their contractual workers and vehicle/equipment/tools who will work on the site. Along with the biometric integration, the in and out process of the workers is seamlessly managed by the system.

It helps the project team monitor and streamlines all contractual workers’ safety by ensuring safe work practices.

The bonus thing about the system is that the system maintains an event calendar for each contractor regarding various audits, training, safety meetings, and more that ensure complete adherence to the compliance. And it has a customized mobile app to ease the management process.

Digitalization of Occupational Health Center

This solution maintains the employees’ current and past health records.

Whether working in the office or the field, the organization must account for the employee’s health. They should also be assigned the work accordingly. This solution maintains all the records and history of the workers’ health, health reports, and treatment.

The solution provides trend analysis based on the employees’ routine medical check ups and OPD visits. It also sends reminders and alerts of health checkups due by determining the age, underlying health issues, and fitness records.

The solution helps in managing medicine and equipment inventory with stock management and alerts for expiry dates of medicine for its best utilisation and on-time disposal in case of expiry. It manages medical waste inventory starting from its generation, storage and disposal.

This solution enhances occupational health safety practices in organisations.

The Restraint Calculator

The restraint calculator is a type of automated calculator that calculates and provides an exact restraint length for a pipe based on multiple parameters such as the material of the pipe, trench type, test pressure, and many more.

Additionally, it provides the look & feel of the restraint and pipe with calculated values with an image.

It is a comprehensive help for all parameters that assist the user while entering values for calculating the restraint length.