Service & Maintenance

Once customers buy the products/services, their buying journey does not end. In fact, the journey and the relationship with the brand have just begun.

Therefore, the service and the maintenance industry occupies a critical place in the brand’s value. The industry ensures that the product/services run efficiently without breaking down or having unnecessary repairs.

The service and maintenance industry has to keep updated with the technological changes and regularly do that with the products and services they handle. In addition to that, they need to deliver valuable services to the customers to retain them and maintain the brand status.

We understand the challenges of this industry and thus have custom solutions designed for them. Our solution helps deliver customer value, update technology, reduce costs, and maintain brand value.

Document Management

Document Management System (DMS) is a solution that provides a centralized, user-friendly interface for all document-related activities such as upload, view, search, edit and delete, along with managing permissions for the documents to carry out these activities.

It is an enterprise-wide solution specific to its respective branches, hierarchies, and departments.

The document management includes a dashboard for discussion boards, company news, weather forecast, and an intranet portal for each subsidiary. We utilize SharePoint Search APIs and SharePoint expertise to quickly locate and retrieve a document with the best use of search and managed metadata.

Social Media Integration

This social media integration solution simplifies searching for an individual or a company across various social media websites with a single click.

It also provides a facility to provide a comment or feedback to the searched individual/company that will be displayed to other users registered on the platform.

To get the individual or company from various social networking sites, the team first needs to search for that person or organization on Google or Bing and narrow down the correct profile from the available social networking website results. Various APIs and client-side web scraping is used efficiently to achieve this.

Contractor Management

This is a 360-degree portal to ease out a system that will help organizations onboard contractors, their workforce, and equipment/tools.

It is a portal where the contractor can digitally register their contractual workers and vehicle/equipment/tools who will work on the site. Along with the biometric integration, the in and out process of the workers is seamlessly managed by the system.

It helps the project team monitor and streamlines all contractual workers’ safety by ensuring safe work practices.

The bonus thing about the system is that the system maintains an event calendar for each contractor regarding various audits, training, safety meetings, and more that ensure complete adherence to the compliance. And it has a customized mobile app to ease the management process.

Complaint Management

This solution is an automated complaint management system.

The operator registers the complaint on the SharePoint site based on the narration by the customers on the phone. The supervisor receives these details, starts working on them, and updates the status accordingly. Each status update triggers a notification e-mail to all concerned personnel and the customer who registered the complaint.

The solution provides a comprehensive comparison of product features and costs that help the client make an informed decision for finalizing the reporting tool for the project. It also includes an approval workflow that mandates management approval for any free replacement of a product or its part during the warranty period.

Expense Voucher Processing

The solution provides a comprehensive expense management system with an approval workflow.

This solution offers a centralized content management platform for managing expense vouchers that can be approved by the Immediate Reporting Manager and sent for the managerial approval workflow. The solution involves a subsite creation and implementation of the expense voucher management module.

It also has the provision of exporting a single voucher and all the attached bills, invoices, and receipts. The concerned team can mention a comment during approval/rejection and specify multiple notes in the expenses.

Facility Maintenance Management

Facility management is a system used to streamline the services of an organization. It includes a travel route tracking of a cleaner and daily/monthly MIS report generation with e-mail notifications.

The travel route tracking functionality utilizes an efficient mobile app to accurately trace the cleaner’s time and route, including the building entry and exit specifications. Accurate tracking of the minutest details ensures precise travel expense calculation and cleaning time with better cost analysis.

The Restraint Calculator

The restraint calculator is a type of automated calculator that calculates and provides an exact restraint length for a pipe based on multiple parameters such as the material of the pipe, trench type, test pressure, and many more.

Additionally, it provides the look & feel of the restraint and pipe with calculated values with an image.

It is a comprehensive help for all parameters that assist the user while entering values for calculating the restraint length.