System Integration Services

The market demands are changing rapidly. Each organization has to put in extra effort to succeed in the race. They require tailored solutions for their operations.

Organizations procure/build various digital products/solutions over the period. Often, they are not implemented in ways to sync with each other. But with the digital evolution changing things drastically, organizations realize the digital silo systems need to talk to each other. The integration of these systems promises efficiency and increases productivity. They ensure profits and success in human resources, time, and finances.

Thus, there is a desperate need to integrate the systems for effortless or ease of functioning.

Consider that you have different systems for customer portals, CRMs, inventory, production/operations, marketing, etc. The user will get exhausted to do the same data feeding in multiple systems. They will struggle to reconcile reports/ analytics generated from different source systems to reach meaningful reports/ KPIs.

We assist in integrating most of your systems to provide a comprehensive view of your business components. Be it production, operations management, customer management, supply chain management, finance management, document management, or transferring data from one system to other; we are here to help.

Our unique and customized solutions’ examples include integrating various ERP systems, custom-built applications, third-party systems, and integration of business applications with SharePoint, MS team, Power BI and many more.

So if you are looking for system integration services that focus on creating new business values and easing everyday processes, you have come to the right place.

Our team is competent in providing customized system integration solutions.

Our Software Integration Services

We provide professional integration solutions for applications and systems for;

Various Purposes like

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

  • SCM (Supply Chain Management)

  • Vendor Portals

  • CRM

  • Ecommerce Solutions

  • Document Management Software

  • Workflow Automation Apps

  • Intranets

  • Industry-specific software (Example: electronic health record (EHR), manufacturing operations systems, and more)

Different Types

  • Legacy Applications

  • In-house Software

  • Open-source Software

  • COTS (commercial off-the-shelf software)

  • SaaS solutions

  • Third-party services (payment, shipping, social networks)

Deployment Locations

  • Placed in the cloud

  • Placed on the premises

Our Offerings

Our ultimate aim is to improve your processes and increase compatibility across contrasting software applications. Our solutions aim to identify the project’s business challenges; then, we offer tailored technology solutions based on findings.

This includes anyone or all of the below services.

  • Integration Consulting & Feasibility Study

  • Solution Designing

  • Solution Implementation

  • Integration Testing

  • Post Launch Support

Our Methodologies

Implementing service-oriented architecture (SOA) lowers future integration costs and time by 30% as per Forester Research Inc.

  • SOA-based (service-oriented architecture) integration.

    We can transform your system into a set of loosely coupled, easily scalable, and reusable components, such as web services or microservices that communicate to various business applications.

  • On a point-to-point basis, that implies direct connection via API calls.

  • Through middleware components that introduce an additional abstraction layer to take the full responsibility for message/request transmitting, transformation, routing.

  • Shared database – multiple applications to access data from a single data store.

Why Us?

What matters most when it comes to providing integration solutions is the experience! The years we have put into solving integration challenges have taught us to give all organizations the most precise and unique services. It has helped us deliver specific answers to challenges that small-scale or fortune 500 industries face.

Our USPs

Expert Guidance

Our team is ever ready to provide you with the best professional guidance on all types of integration services. We have experts who strategically implement each step to ensure every tiny detail is taken care of.

End to End Solutions

No matter how small or big the project is, we ensure that every step is executed with precision. Whether the task is sharing, transferring, transforming, or procuring information, you get a high-quality standard followed and complete guidance from our certified members.

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