The BFSI Sector

The Banking Finacial Services and Insurance sector has witnessed drastic changes since its birth. The industry has much more to do with finances than savings, interests, and planning retirement journeys.

The industry has become complex as organizations and people become more aware of their finances and how to handle them. Thus, complex problems require unique solutions.

With the emergence of digital banking, the finance world has changed drastically. The addition of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Predictive Analysis, and more is ensuring recent achievements in this sector.

Therefore, you need to stay ahead in the race. Along with digitalizing your approach, your BFSI industry requires unique solutions.

Ask E-square’s expertise to ensure that you receive technical solutions to all your hurdles and glitches. Our myriad of digital solutions promises smooth and secure digital transactions, sales automation, seamless market services, compliance management, etc.

Let us look at some of our successful and prominent solutions for the BFSI industry.

Loan Application Management

This solution automates customer communication management, loan approval, payments reminder, payment reconciliation, building data repository, etc. Every stage of the loan cycle is automated for amplified security, trust, and credibility.

With this solution, you will never return to the old meticulous loan process once you accelerate and improve your loan processes.

The easy to manage architecture is time-saving with reduced time-to-market and rapid provision of new deployments in various environments, including Development, QA, UAT, and Production.

Treasury Management Tool

This is an innovative and customizable cloud-based solution for the treasury team to optimize treasury functions.

It includes Investment and Cash modules and seamlessly integrates with other third-party applications. It ensures optimization of idle cash utilization with compliance to save time and make money.

It is enabled with a scaling-up/down approach to save on resources. Its USP is the rapid response to the changing business requirements no matter which prospect!

Options Greek Management Tool

There is a single analysis screen for the portfolio of Option in terms of Greeks and volatility, and profitability.

The solution predicts portfolio payoff and Greeks concerning Spot, Volatility, and Time changes. The in-built market watch strategy keeps the investors in the loop with the market’s current trends.

You can also simulate your strategy and view profit and loss in different scenarios and combinations.

Algorithmic Trading

This solution performs automated trading. The limitations are set, and compliant logic is used to follow trading market rules.

It is an efficient trading method as there are reduced chances of errors due to human intervention. It can trade in multiple markets with various decision parameters based on pre-programmed instructions & strategies.

Risk Assessment Tool

This is a much-needed solution as the trading market involves lots of risks.

This solution assesses the total risk inherent portfolio and maintains thresholds and limitations for automated and manual trading.

This tool focuses on techniques for mitigating market-oriented financial risks, including quantifying financial risks – regression analysis, Value-at-Risk analysis, and scenario analysis.