Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise Application Development is concerned with automating and streamlining of business processes via software. Easing operations, streamlining of enterprise resource planning, intranet portals, CRM and document management are some of the examples for Enterprise Application Development utilities.

ASK-ESquare is an expert company that specializes in Enterprise Application Development. We are experienced in integrating different systems and sync enterprise level data by developing robust applications. You may be having numerous users or existing systems, but our expert developers will ensure that the developed application integrates your existing systems and eases workflow for all your users.

Why Choose ASK-ESquare?

  • Trusted technology partner with 20 years of vast experience

  • Successfully executed 200+ projects for Enterprise level applications, each requiring over 5000 development hours

  • Specialized project developed for Fortune 500 companies such as Gazprom, Microsoft, Expedia

  • Experience of working on diverse industry verticals – Finance, Industrial Safety, Occupational Health, Manufacturing, Insurance, Oil & Gas, Energy, Government Establishments, Renewables and so on

  • Experience of developing and implementing scalable Enterprise-grade applications having on-premise or Azure and AWS cloud deployments

  • Expertise in Mobile Apps supported Enterprise solutions with online and offline capabilities

  • Microsoft Partner (Gold – Application Development, Silver – Collaborative and Content, Silver – Data Analytics)

  • Strength of Microsoft Certified Professionals with expertise in Solution Architecture and Development using Microsoft Technology Stack

Our Enterprise Application Development Services

Web Application Development

Our expert web development team has capabilities of working on different technology verticals. We cater to different levels of application development such as Organization level, Department level, and Business functional Applications

Mobile Application Development

We are experts in Native, Cross-platform application solutions across Android and iOS platforms with deployment capabilities across Play Store, Apple Store and MDM. We also provide maintenance and post-warranty support services.


Our System integration services are focused on creating improved IT infrastructure. We aid in making applications compatible with existing business applications for ease of use.

Industries Served

  • Oil & Gas

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Real Estate

  • Manufacturing

  • Finance

  • Insurance

  • Education

  • Logistics

  • Agritech

  • Energy

  • FMCG

Our Enterprise Application Development Methodology


  • We document the key business processes and how they are used with existing software. We also understand the capabilities and limitation of this existing software.

  • We identify the needs of business and its concerns with regards to intended business process flows.

  • We analyze a planned company growth and IT budget which can affect the technological and architectural choice for the Enterprise Application Development plan

  • We draft high-level technical and functional requirements

  • We evaluate the possible risks that can negatively impact the business processes due to implementation of new application system (For example: Productivity loss, downtime associated with migration to new digital process and business user trainings)

Enterprise Application Planning and Design

  • We will define the technical requirements for your planned Enterprise Application

  • Based on the technical needs, we will decide the architecture requirements for the enterprise software system (microservices, service oriented, monolithic) and develop a detailed design

  • We will design the architecture for Enterprise Application integration

  • We will then plan how your data should flow and ascertain whether is requires transformation to some different format

  • We will design the security enhancement as necessary

  • Next is design of the disaster and high availability plan

  • Plan the infrastructure as per concurrent users, limitations, bandwidth etc.

UX/UI Design

  • We ensure a collaboration among business analysts and UX designers for research on UX for understanding target audience and their requirements, mental models and goals

  • UX designers will then describe how your users will interact with your system (Identification of digital touchpoints) and design the informational architecture

  • Our UX designers will create the wireframes to demonstrate functionality and basic layout of content

  • Defining the fully colored mockups with use of client’s branding

Development and Testing of Enterprise Application

  • Back-end: Building APIs and server-side of the Enterprise Application. This will also include integration with the necessitated business application

  • Front-end: Transforming images of static interface provided by the UI design team into fully functional Enterprise client-side. Ensuring that this communicates with the server

  • Mobile App: Development of the Mobile application as per requirement and syncing it with the system

  • Review of the functionality as per system requirements, performance check, security check, and integration requirement check. Testing is done parallelly along with the development.

  • Alongside the application development, training material is prepared for helping users in adapting to the new application and system.


  • Design of the necessary infrastructure

  • Design of the specific integration plan

  • Implementing the Enterprise solution in sync with existing applications and infrastructure

  • Conducting performance check to ensure smooth movement to new environment

Data Migration

  • Inspection of legacy data for migration and avoiding inconsistency of data and duplication

  • Deciding about supported data formats along with handling of required conversions if there are several data formats in use

  • ETL testing for ensuring complete data and adequate transformation

Enterprise Application Deployment

  • Once every other development step is completed along with testing, your Enterprise Application is deployed keeping integration with existing infrastructure (On-premise or Cloud)

  • Complex applications must be moved through the staging and testing phases for our team to safely introduce any changes or pick up mistakes if any before release.

Enterprise Application Maintenance and Support

  • Your Enterprise application is maintained with proper support always provided

  • Any issues are addressed upfront to ensure smooth flow of the application

The Right Team for Enterprise Application Development

  • Project Manager

  • Business Analysts

  • System Analysts

  • System Architect

  • UX & UI designer

  • Database developer

  • Back-end/Application Developer

  • Front-end developer

  • Tester

  • Maintenance & Support executives

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