Flexible and Systematic Facility Management Solution for Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah University

Ask Esquare developed a facility management system for Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah university to track, report, monitor, and systematically process various administrative functionalities.


Industry: Education

  • Microsoft Visual C++
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Our Client

Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah University is a renowned education institute with a state of art campus. It has provided one of the best education for two centuries. Its campus in Surat is enormous and spread over acres of land.

Client Requirements


Automated Facility Management Process

Our client depended on manual processes for its everyday facility management tasks. This created long hours of manual work, confusion, and inefficiencies. They required automated solutions to streamline the maintenance, purchase, and other facility management processes.


Reduce Dependency and Workload of Employees

Employees carried out the facility management and maintenance of the entire University manually. It used to be tedious as the employees spent hours processing work orders, synchronizing with different departments, and taking approvals. This led to errors or delayed processes.


Unified and Synchronized Processes

The University required a streamlined process for its administrative tasks. It needed technological solutions to reduce the manual time and effort. This included the maintenance of critical assets, prioritizing work, keeping track of work, and managing work orders.

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Ask Esquare Solutions


End to End Purchase Management

Our team explained to the administration the actual process required for purchase management. It includes a cycle of purchase request approval, quotation request & evaluation, work order processing, material inward, inspection, returnables, receivables, and payments. We developed the solution to expedite the purchase management by sending approval requests to the concerned departments and providing real-time updates to stakeholders.


Optimized and Efficient Service Approvals

It is very crucial to identify priorities and set the services appropriately. The team at Ask Esquare showed how effortlessly service could be managed. The task was automated from service request approval, quotation approval, service order, and service tracking to closure approval and payment. It improved efficiency across their assets and buildings.


AMC Management

An automated AMC system was developed to align the maintenance tasks. This solution allowed the concerned authorities to generate agreements, schedule services, send reminders, track progress and create reports. It improved field operations and enhanced the service management system.


Accounting Integration with Tally

Accounting data synchronization is an essential aspect of the smooth functioning of administrative tasks. Thus, we integrated accounting for seamless data sharing. This integration gave zero error outputs, and the complex business transactions were handled smoothly.


Training Programs

When our experts deployed solution with top-notch integrations, we ensured that the people using it were trained to the core. Our industry experts continuously trained the staff till they understood proper working and management of the system installed.

The University has Streamlined Processes.

Before implementing the software, we explained to the university administration the processes of every little function. Then, from service approval, AMC processes, purchase cycle, and accounts integration were automated to leverage innovation, growth, and efficiency.