Contractor Management Solution to Elevate Contractor Performance

We developed a contractor management solution for an eminent tyre manufacturer for enhanced and improved contractor functioning.

Industry: LNG Terminal

Technologies Used:

  • MVC
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Jmeter
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Hardware integration:

  • QR Code Scanner
  • Kiosk

Our Client

Our client had a new plant to be set up for tyre manufacturing. This plant would accumulate new workers, contractors, and equipment. Our client wanted to digitalize the entire contractor management system for seamless processes.

Client’s Requirements

The client needed help accumulating critical information like workers, their training, vehicle inspections & statutory compliances. The data was not captured centrally, causing worker management to be an arduous task.

The Challenges


Efficient worker, vehicle, and equipment management

The client needed to manage more than 2000 workers, almost 300 vehicles, and massive equipment daily. This management was burdensome to be done through manual efforts. A digital system was required for processes like scheduled inspections, worker management, contractor management, and all the detailed tasks related to them.


Managing Business Processes Effectively

All the safety aspects of the sites had little digitalization. They also required a centralized system to record and maintain daily observations, permits, CAPA, and all the necessary safety modules.


Synchronized facility operations

The workers, vehicles, or equipment needed proper administration from entry to exit. They required an administrative setup for a dedicated person to make appropriate entries, and all the facilities could be managed easily.


End-to-end contractor management portal

The client faced many hurdles and complexities due to paper-based record keeping. They required a centralized platform to keep track of the entire contractor management life cycle effortlessly.

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Our Solutions

Looking at the nature of the work and the vastness of the job, our expert team suggested an end-to-end contractor management system. It included safety management and a centralized platform for contractor workers & vehicle-related activities.


Contractor Safety Management with unified processes

This solution proved efficient for the client. The contractor safety management ensured that all the workers, vehicles, and equipment data were managed digitally. All the safety aspects could be operated under a single roof, leading to synchronous safety and management operations. This, in turn, reduced the information gaps created due to the manual system.


End-to-end contractor management portal

The client could manage all the contractors under one system. The software automates all the processes from start to end for workers, vehicles & equipment, resulting in frictionless management.


The CMS proved its efficiency from tasks like gate pass issuance, login/logout, contractor safety, and automated reminder mails to dashboards. We digitized the entire process, thus paving the way for seamless working systems.

Our CMS portal certainly added to the business value while reducing the burden of manual work.