Conversion of a Financial Idea to a Brand Identity

Ask Esquare Business Solutions transformed a finance startup by setting it up uniquely through its technology expertise.

A small options trading organisation had envisioned providing transparent financial solutions to their potential customers, and we helped them turn the dream idea into a reality.


Industry: Stock Market

  • Microsoft Visual C++
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Our Client

Our clients came to us with a vision of new technological advancements to products and services in the financial industry. This included options trading with risk management analysis, test & try strategies before applying them in live market and much more.

They had the domain expertise and wanted us to provide feasible software solutions. Before approaching us, their entire management was through manual entries in excel sheets. But this process had reached its saturation point.

We understood their requirements critically and developed a technology precisely as they required. Then one thing led to another, and we converted all the manual jobs to an all-in-one software solution.

Let us look in detail at how things proceeded.

What the Client Asked For


Integrated Calculation Software

The client had all the formulas in place and required an automated system to perform the tasks. They employed an expert to fill in the market status in the software and needed the software to give the final output and analysis of the trading system.


Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis plays a vital role when it comes to stock market trading. Therefore, our client demanded a process to integrate the market stats and predict its customers’ trading analysis, trends, and strategies.


Training sessions

Training sessions are required to grasp the technicalities of the stock market. This includes robust educational content designed to help become a successful options trader.


Integration of Market Status

The clients required a complete integration of the Indian stock market data for a seamless and automated trading process.


Risk Assessment

A stock trading market s incomplete if there is no risk assessment. Moreover, it becomes a tricky business if there is no risk management. Hence, integrating the risk management algorithm was a critical requirement for the client.

We curated a designing system that made predicting, taking, and training decisions an easy task!

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Our Customized Solutions

Our expert team knew that the solutions for this startup needed phenomenal answers. These solutions required a solid ground base, extensive research, and knowledge of the Indian stock exchange.

Thus we started our research and executed a step-by-step process to design a transparent solution.


A Calculated Software

The first step of developing the software was the freedom from the excel sheets’ calculations. Hence our developers developed a robust system that required the minimum intervention of human efforts to manage market derivatives.


Options Greek Management Tool

We provided a single analysis screen for the portfolio of Option in terms of Greeks and volatility and profitability. This made options trading a smoother and more secure process.


Market Stimulator

A market simulator was integrated into the software for better training and predictive analysis. This tool helped display historical volatility, greeks, Open Interest & Options Strategies. It enabled to have the entire market summary in one click.


Algorithmic Training

The algorithmic training tool was developed to train the software to perform automated trading literally. The limitations were set, and logic was used appropriately to follow the trading market rules. It was intricately tested by the Indian stock market authorities to automate the trading process.


Risk Assessment Tool

The trading market involves lots of risks. Thus it requires attention to detail. As a result, the software was trained to assess the total risk inherent in a portfolio, and maintain thresholds and limitations for automated and manual trading.

And a Brand Emerged.

Our client had complex ideas and plans, which prompted us to make decisions in milliseconds. Thus, we knew how important time and resources were in this product development, which led to mutual progress.

Our profound experience has helped transform the ideas of a startup into reality while establishing its brand value.