A Frictionless Solution Created for Gazprom

We created a modern and feature-packed intranet portal for Gazprom International to make sharing and organizing information between employees as frictionless as possible.


Industry: Oil and Gas

  • Microsoft Sharepoint

Our Client

Gazprom is a leading gas supplier for industrial, business, and public sector customers. With the efficient use of technology and a sustainable approach, Gazprom has achieved remarkable gas supply business milestones.

Gazprom’s Requirements


One-stop solution for team communication

Gazprom is widespread globally. They needed an efficient, transparent, engaging, and collaborative communication system. The communication system should be unbiased regarding borders, cultures, and geographical locations.


Easy access to files, folders, links, etc.

There should be a common point for employees to share files, folders, videos, presentations, and everything formal with an organization so big. There should be an effortless system to manage tasks and projects, take meeting minutes, create internal documentation, and build your internal knowledge base.


Structured and efficient teamwork

With a common point of contact, teamwork efforts are collaborative and efficient. Thus, teamwork collaboration required a user-friendly, fast, and intuitive company intranet.


Transparency in Knowledge sharing

Our client needed a system to set up an internal or external knowledge base, collaborate on tasks and projects, etc. It should have everything to keep the team on the same page – message boards, to-do lists, calendars, documents, file storage, real-time group chat, floorplans, etc.


Fewer meetings and better collaboration between teams

When employees use travel mode, they should be able to get the required details in just a click. There should be immediate help or experiences available in the different geographical locations shared by other employees. This helps expedite processes and make the team member comfortable in a new area.

Looking in detail at all the above aspects, Ask E Square designed the most systematic and structured intranet portal for Gazprom International. This solution was completely customized to meet the client’s requirements.

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Ask E Square Solutions


Customized and Tailored Design

We did not use a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach while designing the intranet portal solution. The need for every team member, the hierarchies, and thorough team evaluation was done before assembling the solution. There were multiple revisions, but we finally succeeded in providing them with a seamless solution.


Creation of Dedicated Workspace

Our team began by creating a dedicated workspace for each topic, project, or team for team updates, knowledge base, HR, business trips, commonplace sharing, etc. The team member could edit the pages in real-time and make memos and announcements, meeting notes, checklists, project plans, and other collaborative project documentation.


Configuration of Permissions

This was a critical development task as everything should not be accessible to everyone. Thus, with regular updates from the client, we designed a secure system by implying access rights wherever necessary.


Classic UI design

No matter how good the portal works, it should also be visually appealing. Therefore, our designer performed a top-notch job curating the most user-friendly UI for connecting, sharing, collaborating and communicating.


Collaboration Made Easy

As the most crucial requirement of the client was effortless communications and collaboration across geographical borders, we extensively worked on those areas. A common platform was generated to share floor plans, international experiences, and immediate responses for employees that needed them.

We Delivered a Product that Created Value!

Ask E Square delivered an intranet portal with numerous potential benefits. The all-in-one-solution provided Gazprom with

  • Centralized access to all information
  • Structured Communications

  • Efficiently connected and engaged team

  • Significant information available at hand

  • Effortless collaboration, transparency, and knowledge sharing