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Power BI enables everyone in the organization to make decisions and be aligned with the real-time analytics of the workplace.

Industry: LNG Terminal

  • Power BI
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Our Client

Ask E Square Solutions team developed QA/QC audit & inspection software for a reputed CGD company. They wanted detailed analysis and real-time reports for the audits and compliances to be in place.

The main motive of the solution was to deliver automated reporting to stakeholders, decision-makers, and the execution team. The initial process involved the user logging into the system, checking the dashboards for updates, and implementing decisions and actions.

The Challenges



Our client required an easy-to-access central dashboard to collect and analyze internal data. The analysis must be neatly crafted in the form of a graphical interface.


Compliance Checks

The widespread business of CGD was slowing down the process of audits and compliance checks.


Real-time analytics

A central point was necessary for the business information to make informed decisions. The main issue was tracking and displaying the real-time data, actions, and performance to accelerate business decisions.


Unified data access on Dashboards

There was a need to incorporate a single unified business intelligence platform for operational decision-making and strategic planning. The ultimate goal of unified data was to improve operational efficiency across all GAs and keep all the related people in the loop.

Ask Esquare Solutions built BI capabilities using power BI while solving all the CGD client’s challenges. And we were successful in giving them accurate and consistent information for efficient work processes.

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Our Powerful Tools


Seamless Integration

We designed BI reports in Power BI that integrated quickly with the existing software for enhanced reporting and analytics capabilities. This intuitive tool embeds interactive and colored visuals to deliver accurate information.


Rich Personalized Dashboards

The customized dashboards meet the requirements and exact needs of the hierarchies. Our client could easily embed the dashboards, and BI reports in the applications for a unified user experience.


Enhanced Performance & Analysis

Integrating software with the powerful BI enabled enhanced performance and quick decisions. The full summary of data is available in visual forms to make rapid and informed decisions by the concerned authorities.


Extract Information Rapidly

This method is efficient, agile, flexible, and makes the information easy to share. All the data is centralized, structured, and aggregated to take data analysis to the next level. It made the automated sharing of BI reports via mails to the concerned stakeholders, decision-makers, and the execution team an easy task. We achieved this goal with the correct Power BI configuration.


Ask E Square Business solution provided a game-changing solution to the CGD client. The fluidity of data and customized BI reports & dashboards for the whole team increased the company’s effectiveness and paced up the decision-making process.